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Fareed Ben-Youssef


Dissertation: “Visions of Power: Violence, the Law and the Post-9/11 Genre Film”

Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies Texas Tech University

Fareed Ben-Youssef


Dr. Fareed Ben-Youssef is an Assistant Professor in Film & Media Studies at Texas Tech University. He earned his PhD in Film and Media from the University of California, Berkeley in 2017. Before arriving at Texas Tech, he served as a Global Perspectives on Society Teaching Fellow at NYU Shanghai.

His first project, No Jurisdiction: Legal, Political, and Aesthetic Disorder in Post-9/11 Genre Cinema (forthcoming, SUNY Press), probes the slippages and conflicts within the ongoing dialogue between Hollywood entertainment and mainstream political discourse. The competing visions of power produced in this dialogue reveal the multivalent purposes of genre: sometimes as a tool to normalize state violence and other times as a critique of that violence.

His work on global cinema has appeared in publications such as The Journal of Popular Culture, Japanese Language and Literature, and Southwestern American Literature. His teaching and research also encompass Hollywood, animation, documentary in addition to surveillance, postcolonial film, comics, genre and trauma studies.

As part of his efforts to teach outside the classroom, Ben-Youssef has also organized myriad university film series and hosted master classes with award-winning directors such as Ari Folman, Naomi Kawase and Ryûsuke Hamaguchi.