Porn Studies: Linda Williams symposium

Porn Studies: A symposium honoring the work of Linda Williams

Linda Williams poster with information about event. Information is also listed on website.

The Department of Film & Media and the Department of Rhetoric at UC Berkeley present... More

September 21 Lecture with Avery Dame-Griff

Berkeley Film and Media Seminar series presents Avery Dame-Griff

Avery Dame-Griff is presenting a lecture for Berkeley Film and Media Seminar series

Defining Who We Are Not: Transgender Usenet and the Rise of Cisgender In contemporary discussions... More

Weihong Bao Appointed to Prestigious Chairship

Weihong Bao Appointed to Chair in China Studies

Weihong Bao. George Berticevich © 2023. Courtesy of the the artist. The painted backdrop is from May's Photo Studio, San Francisco, Chinatown, c. 1923. Painted by Mock Kug Ming, theatrical and photo studio set designer.

Weihong Bao, associate professor of Film & Media and East Asian Languages & Cultures, has... More


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