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    Zones Internship for College Content Creators

    Start date: 2014-09-01 07:00:00

    Faculty: Jeffrey Skoller

    Interns should be prepared to work a total of 50 hours across a four week period, and will be compensated with a weekly stipend (total stipend: $200). Within the first two weeks of the program, we will identify ~10 ‘rock star’ interns who will be invited to participate in a focus group (and will be rewarded with an iPad). That being said, there are performance-based bonus opportunities for interns who are passionate about what we’re doing and go above and beyond what’s expected of them. This internship can also potentially turn into a paid position for one of our rock star interns. This individual must be passionate, excited about the prospect of an extended relationship with Zones, must have proven their ability to work independently and must be enthusiastic about startups.
    · Seek out articles and stories across key vertical (entertainment)
    · Develop written posts per week across key vertical: average posts should be ~ 300 words
    · Contribute to other posts written through comments, shares and links
    · Edit content and source images/take your own images for stories
    · Help identify new verticals
    Zones is looking for an undergraduate student in the Northern California area who is majoring in Entertainment, Film, Journalism, Art, Architecture, Photography, Visual Arts, Creative Writing, Liberal Arts, Geography or Auto/Design. This person should have excellent written communication skills, with extensive knowledge of Web and social media. Blog writing experience is ideal but not required. Candidates will need access to a computer or tablet to be considered.

    If you are interested, please contact Beth Wischnia at (512) 970-1517.