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The Film & Media DeCal Program


Proposals to teach DeCal courses sponsored by the Department of Film & Media will be evaluated in a competitive process on a biannual basis, with a maximum of two courses chosen for Film & Media sponsorship each semester. Course proposals for Fall Semester are due in the department the preceding May 1, and applications for Spring Semester courses are due in the department November 1. Priority will be given to on-time and complete applications, which must include: a cover sheet, a complete syllabus (including a description of the course goals, content, leading concepts, and questions; an explanation of assignments and grading procedures; and a complete schedule of assigned readings, films, and weekly discussion topics) and a letter of recommendation by the sponsoring member of the Film & Media instructional faculty (both professors and lecturers are eligible sponsors). Students are strongly encouraged to develop their proposals in close cooperation with the sponsoring instructor. Course topics must not overlap with regularly taught courses in the Department of Film & Media curriculum, and at least one of the official instructors for the course must be a Film major with senior standing at the time the course will be taught. Proposals will be evaluated for the originality and sophistication of the course concept, the academic preparation of the instructors, and the design and pacing of the schedule and required assignments.

The DeCal Proposal Form can be found on the Academic Senate’s website here: