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A note for prospective and newly admitted students: We are unable to provide tours of department spaces, but we encourage you to review the program information on our website. Our Advisor would be happy to answer questions and can be reached at Appointments with our advisor can be made via


Undergraduate Major Advisor, Hedi Vafaeenia

Students who are interested in declaring the Film & Media major, or who wish to obtain information about the major, should make an appointment with the undergraduate major advisor. The major advisor works with students regarding major requirements and policies, maintains student records, handles the distribution of advisor codes, and certifies major requirements for degree eligibility. Students who have declared the Film & Media major are encouraged to meet with the advisor to discuss their progress in the major and the courses they’re planning for the next semester.

The UG Advisor is not able to hold space in a course for an individual student or enroll an individual student in a course without the consent of the instructor.

If you would like to petition to waive/transfer a course, please submit your request via this form. Responses to course waiver petitions will likely take at least two weeks. Please be sure to submit all of the required documentation (detailed syllabus & transcript). Film 10 and Film 20 are rarely waived. Effective Fall 2026, students will no longer be allowed to waive out of Film 10 and Film 20.

7406 Dwinelle Hall and Remote
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Faculty Major Advisors, Rizvana Bradley and Jacob Gaboury
Faculty Advisors are available to answer questions about film courses, faculty areas of expertise and interest, course equivalents or waivers, internships, and other related topics.

Office hours for Fall ’24:

Rizvana Bradley
Tuesdays, 4:30-5:30pm
6221 Dwinelle

Jacob Gaboury
Tuesdays, 2:30-5:30pm
6223 Dwinelle
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What is the difference between the Faculty Major Advisor and the Undergraduate Major Advisor (UMA)? 

The Undergraduate Major Advisor is here to help you with the rules and requirements of the Film & Media major: only the UMA has access to the student systems that carry out the technical and administrative processing of your records. The UMA can answer questions about department deadlines and schedules. The UMA can answer questions about the fulfillment of major requirements. We recommend that you reference your Academic Progress Report on CalCentral frequently and prior to meeting with the UMA. 

The Faculty Major Advisor is here for different reasons and needs that you may have. The FMA can serve as an intellectual mentor for the academic year. What being an “intellectual mentor” means is that the FMA is happy to talk with you about your intellectual interests, classes that fulfill or supplement those interests, academic and curricular choices more generally, possible study after college—and more. If you have a question that the FMA cannot answer, they can usually refer you to another source. Particularly if you have not already found a faculty mentor from among the teachers of your classes—but even if you have—please feel free to contact and visit the FMA for their expert guidance. The FMA can also talk to you about the details and requirements of the major (but the FMA does not have access to view or process your electronic records).