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    Under the Golden Gate

    Video Editing Internship

    Start date: Ongoing

    San Francisco, CA​– Under the Golden Gate is looking for a smart, self-starting video editing intern who is interested in learning to edit for internet viewing. Everything is constantly changing in this new world of social media. If you cannot bring people into your piece within seconds, they will move on to the next video on YouTube.

    Under the Golden Gate creates shows like our talk/variety show Under the Golden Gate LIVE! with Maria Konner & DJ Dank and San Francisco Political Squares or goes Out on the Town to go behind the scenes or down the red carpet. We of course film these events, edit and release the highlights on our web channel.

    We need an intern who knows the basics of editing and has a computer and dependable transportation. If things work out, some pay will be involved, but starting out the internship will be unpaid. We will need quick turnaround after a shoot with a rough cut and then after feedback from the producers, a final cut with graphics, music, etc. The intern will need to attend weekly UtGG meetings and will be needed to help out as a production assistant on our shoots.

    This is a small group of people working toward the common goal of making Under the Golden Gate the “Tonight Show” of San Francisco. Many hats will be worn and there will be lots of fun stuff to do and amazing people to meet.

    So if you are interested in spending your internship meeting fabulous people who make San Francisco unique — drag queens, performers, politicians, porn stars, comedians, burlesque dancers, actors, etc–while helping to produce content reflecting the underground world of the Bay Area and then editing it, send us a resume and cover letter NOW!

    We are happy to work with any school program to qualify your internship for course credit.

    Best regards,

    Dan Karkoska

    aka DJ Dank

    Producer, Under the Golden Gate



    About Under the Golden Gate:​

    Under the Golden Gate is a web channel featuring the best of San Francisco’s underground and independent arts scene. Dedicated to revealing emerging artists, performers, lifestyles, art and subcultures, Under the Golden Gate features the Bay Area’s underground drag, performance art, bands, indie culture, kink, comedy, burlesque and more.