Courses / Graduate

Spring 2024

  • Graduate Film Theory Seminar

    200 001 | CCN: 26044

    Instructor: Damon R Young

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: TH 10:00am - 12:59pm

    In this course, we will read key works of film and media theory from the past 100 years, spanning theories of aesthetics, subjectivity/spectatorship, and mediation. We will situate these works in the context of the larger intellectual... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film – Screen Dynamics: A Comparative Perspective

    240 001 | CCN: 26200

    Instructor: Weihong Bao

    Location: Starr Library 341

    Date and Time: M 2:00pm - 4:59pm

    In recent years, the proliferation and ubiquity of screen across the globe has raised new questions about the ontology, archaeology, and ecology of media. What is a screen? Is it a technical device, a material surface, an... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film – Graduate Film Production Workshop

    240 002 | CCN: 26201

    Instructor: Juan Nicolas Pereda Rodriguez

    Location: Dwinelle 135

    Date and Time: TU 10:00am - 12:59pm

    In this production course each student will complete one 10 to 15-minute short film of a genre and form of their choosing. During the first eight weeks we will discuss screenings of contemporary directors whose processes... More

    240 003 | CCN: 31244

    Instructor: Mary Ann Doane

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: W 12:30pm - 3:29pm

    An examination of the cinema’s historical and theoretical position as a mode of representing time. Is time recorded or produced by film? How can we analyze duration in the cinema? What is the cinema’s relation to the... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film – The Elements of Media Studies

    240 004 | CCN: 32828

    Instructor: Nicole Starosielski

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: TU 4:00pm - 6:59pm

    This is a seminar on media and its elemental constituents, contexts, and interfaces. These include air and atmospheres, oceans and water, particulate matter and dust, microbes and viruses, ice and heat, surfaces and lubrication, minerals and supply... More
  • Directed Research

    299 013 | CCN: 33312

    Instructor: Juan Nicolas Pereda Rodriguez

    Date and Time: 12:00am - 12:00am

    Open to graduate students who have passed their Ph.D. qualifying examinations. ... More