Courses / Graduate

Spring 2024


    240 003 | CCN: 31244

    Mary Ann Doane

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: W 12:30pm - 3:29pm

    4 Units

    An examination of the cinema’s historical and theoretical position as a mode of representing time. Is time recorded or produced by film? How can we analyze duration in the cinema? What is the cinema’s relation to the archive and to modernity? While the cinema is certainly the inheritor of rationalization and the standardization of time in the late 19th and early 20th
    centuries, its special relation to temporality can result in the problematization of that mathematical time, particularly in works and cinematic strategies–such as slow motion and
    narrative distension–that emphasize the palpability of duration and boredom. We will extend this analysis to contemporary media and the instantaneity associated with the digital as well as the endlessness suggested by television serialization. We will read work by Bergson, Freud, Marey, Kracauer, Benjamin, Deleuze, Sartre, and others. Films by Lumière, Griffith, Michael Snow, Tsai Ming-Liang, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Hitchcock, and others