Courses / Graduate

Fall 2014

  • Graduate Film Theory Seminar

    Film 200 | CCN: 31846

    Date and Time: TH 1-4P, 226 DWINELLE

    ... More
  • Film Studies Proseminar

    Film 203 | CCN: 31849

    Instructor: Kristen Whissel

    Date and Time: TU 10-1P, 226 DWINELLE

     This seminar will address matters related to professionalization within the discipline as well as the degree requirements for the Ph.D. in Film & Media. Each week, we will meet to discuss a specific topic, including the Qualifying... More
  • “World Enough and Time”: Seriality 1915/2015

    Film 240 | CCN: 31852

    Instructor: Linda Williams

    Date and Time: M 4-7P, 226 DWINELLE

    This course will pretend that there is “world enough and time” to examine the nature of seriality in fictional literature, film, television and possibly web-based media. The class is given as preparation for, and for possible... More
  • Archaeologies of the Projected Image

    Film 240 Section 002 | CCN: 31858

    Instructor: Mary Ann Doane

    Date and Time: W 11-2P, 226 DWINELLE

    Analysis of the history and theory of projected images from the magic lantern to IMAX. We will examine theories of scale, architecture, and perspective in order to consider the changing size of moving images, from the flip... More
  • Film and Theater: Comparative Media, Comparative Perspective

    Film 240 Section 003 | CCN: 31861

    Instructor: Weihong Bao

    Date and Time: W 4-7P, 226 DWINELLE

    This course investigates the interaction between film and theater both in theory and practice from the late nineteenth century to the present. We focus on key issues of film and theater as constructions of social space... More
  • War and Media 1914/2014

    Film 240 Section 004 | CCN: 31948

    Instructor: Anton Kaes

    Date and Time: M 1-6P, 282 DWINELLE

    This research seminar takes the centennial of the beginning of World War I as an occasion to reflect on the media-technological implications of war, both a hundred years ago and today. What role did the emergent... More