Courses / Graduate

Fall 2014

  • Film and Theater: Comparative Media, Comparative Perspective

    Film 240 Section 003 | CCN: 31861

    Weihong Bao

    Date and Time: W 4-7P, 226 DWINELLE

    4 Units

    This course investigates the interaction between film and theater both in theory and practice from the late nineteenth century to the present. We focus on key issues of film and theater as constructions of social space and subjectivity as well as technologies of perception. The course will discuss seminal works on theatricality, performance, spectatorship, intermediality, visual and space theories, ecology, and object oriented ontology while engaging in historical practices and critical texts in a number of cultural contexts including Asia, Europe, and North America. The comparative aspects of the course thus pertain to both the comparison between film and theater – with our investigation of such media distinctions as a discursive and social construct – and comparative perspectives drawing on a variety of international contexts. Students are particularly encouraged to contribute to these two comparative specific theories and practices and from their own fields of training and specialization. The course welcome graduate students from a number of disciplines, including but not limited to film and performance studies, East Asian Studies, architecture and environmental design, anthropology, art history, and other fields.