People / Graduate Students


  • Renée Pastel

    Dissertation: "War in Pieces: Narrative Figures Across Media in the 'War on Terror'" Assistant Professor of Film & Media, Boston College
  • Laura Horak

    Dissertation: “Girls Will Be Boys: Cross-Dressed Women and the Legitimation of American Silent Cinema”  Associate Professor of Film Studies, Carleton University
  • Kris Fallon

    Dissertation: “Where Truth Lies: Political Documentary Film & Digital Media, 2000-2010”  Associate Professor, Department of Cinema & Digital Media, University of California, Davis
  • Hannah Airriess

    Dissertation: "Staging the Bright Life: White-Collar Cinema in Japan’s Era of High Economic Growth (1954-1971)" Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages & Cultures, Indiana University
  • George Larkin

    Dissertation: “Post-Production: The Invisible Revolution of Filmmaking” Chair of Filmmaking, Associate Professor, Woodbury University, Burbank, CA
  • Fareed Ben-Youssef

    Dissertation: “Visions of Power: Violence, the Law and the Post-9/11 Genre Film” Assistant Professor of Film & Media Studies Texas Tech University
  • Erica Levin

    Dissertation: “Social Media: The News in Experimental Film, Video Art, and Performance after 1960” Assistant Professor of Art History, Ohio State University
  • Eliot Bessette

    Dissertation Title: “Thinking Through Fear in Film and Haunts”  
  • Andrew Moisey

    Dissertation:  Assistant Professor of History of Art and Visual Studies, Cornell University
  • Jennifer Blaylock

    Dissertation: “Media/Fetish: A Postcolonial Archaeology of New Media and Africa”
    Visiting Assistant Professor in Cinema Studies, Oberlin College
  • Alex Bush

    Dissertation: “Cold Storage: A Media History of the Glacier”
  • Dolores McElroy

    Dissertation: “Passionate Failures: The Diva Onscreen” Lecturer, UC Berkeley Department of Film & Media
  • Justin Vaccaro

    Dissertation: “Human Sciences, Human Monsters: the SF-Horror Film from the 1930s to 1960s”
  • Fareed Ben-Youssef

    Dissertation: “Visions of Power: Violence, the Law and the Post-9/11 Genre Film” Global Perspectives on Society Teaching Fellow, NYU-Shanghai Dissertation
  • Patrick Ellis

    Dissertation Title: “Aeroscopics: Spectacles of the Bird’s-Eye View” Assistant Professor of Communication, University of Tampa
  • Jennifer Pranolo

    Dissertation: “Studio/World: Photography’s Other Nature” Center for Humanistic Inquiry Fellow, Amherst College
  • Robert Alford

    Dissertation: “’To Know the Words to the Music’: Spatial Circulation, Queer Discourse and the Musical” Assistant Director, Donor Relations at UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture
  • Christopher Goetz

    Dissertation: “At Home Everywhere: Empowerment Fantasies in the Domestication of Videogames” Assistant Professor, Department of Cinematic Arts, University of Iowa
  • Kristen Loutensock

    Dissertation: “Genre Disorder: Autism and Narrative in American Popular Culture”
  • Nicholas Baer

    Dissertation: “Absolute Relativity: Weimar Cinema and the Crisis of Historicism” Assistant Professor of Film Studies, University of Groningen
  • Rielle Navitski

    Dissertation: “Sensationalism, Cinema, and the Popular Press in Mexico and Brazil, 1905-1930”  Associate Professor, Department of Theatre and Film Studies, University of Georgia
  • Jennifer Malkowski

    Dissertation: “‘Dying in Full Detail’: Mortality and Duration in Digital Documentary” Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, Smith College  
  • Tung-Hui Hu

    Dissertation: “Seeing Emptiness: Berlin, Nevada, and the Space of New Media” Associate Professor of English, University of Michigan