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Revised Upper Degree Committee Requirements

New requirements concerning the composition of the Qualifying Exam Committee and the Dissertation Committee in Film and Media


Composition of the Qualifying Exam Committee


At least two members of the four-person Qualifying Exam committee must be from the Film and Media Department; at least one committee member must be from wholly outside the department (i.e., without a partial appointment in Film & Media); and all members must be members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate unless an exception has been granted.  The chair of the Qualifying Exam committee cannot serve as chair of the student’s dissertation committee.  Officially, the QE Committee is appointed by the Head Graduate Advisor. 



Composition of the Dissertation Committee

 Normally, the four members of the written Qualifying Committee also serve on the Committee for the oral examination and three serve on the dissertation committee (although in certain cases there may be more than three).  However, the composition of the dissertation committee may be different from that of the QE Committee and there is no requirement for one member to be outside of the department. The dissertation committee may be composed entirely of Film and Media faculty members.  The chair of the committee and one other member must be Academic Senate members who are members of the Film and Media Department.  All other members must be members of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate unless an exception is granted.  For all higher degree committees, the head graduate advisor (HGA) in Film and Media must approve the composition of the committees.