Programs / Graduate Program


Graduate Advisor:

The Graduate Advisor for Film & Media provides advising on curriculum, progress through the degree, and activities related to professionalization. After the M.A., students work primarily with individually chosen faculty advisers on curriculum and professional development, although official program suggestions, questions, and formal petitions for exceptions to policy should still be submitted to the attention of the Graduate Advisor.

Faculty Mentor:

In the first year, students will be assigned a faculty mentor with whom they can meet fairly regularly. Such meetings can be informal, and are meant to offer students the opportunity to ask for honest and frank advice on courses and course work, research, program requirements, life in the Film & Media Program, teaching or any other concerns students inevitably encounter during their first year.

Faculty Advisor:

At the time of the M.A. Review (see below) the student is encouraged to identify a faculty mentor/adviser to oversee Ph.D. coursework, and in most cases, to continue on after the Qualifying Exam as director of the dissertation. The chosen adviser assumes responsibility for monitoring that student’s curriculum and progress on a regular basis, including the beginning of each semester.

Progress Evaluations:

At the beginning of each Fall Semester, the Film & Media faculty meets to discuss each student’s progress in all facets of the program (participation in the program, work in seminars, timely completion of papers, professional development). Students not making desired progress in the program will be notified at this time of how to address deficiencies.

After advancement to Ph.D. candidacy, students are required to meet each spring with their dissertation adviser and at least one other dissertation committee member. The student and the committee report to the Department and Graduate Division on progress to date and if necessary revise the timetable for completion of the dissertation.