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Patrick Ellis


Early and silent cinema, media archaeology, history of science and technology, history of cartography, world’s fairs and expositions




Patrick Ellis received his PhD in 2017, and is now a Marion L. Brittain Fellow in the School of Literature, Media, and Communication at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His book project, Aeroscopics: Media Archaeology of the Bird’s-Eye View, provides a history of aerial vision in the era prior to commonplace flight. His interests beyond the history of film include the histories of cartography, medicine, science, and technology. He has work published or forthcoming in The British Journal for the History of Science, Cinema Journal, Early Popular Visual Culture, and Imago Mundi. He has also written essays and reviews for The Times Literary SupplementN+1, and Millennium Film Journal, among others. Ellis has curated silent film programs for the Pacific Film Archive, the Wolfsonian Museum, and Cambridge University. He has received awards named for Parker Tyler and J. B. Harley, and his research has been supported by ACLS, the Mellon Foundation, NEH, and the Wellcome Trust.