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Lisa Jacobson


Television (particularly American and German), history and memory, seriality, media theory, new media

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Lisa Wells Jacobson is a PhD candidate in Film & Media focusing on contemporary American and German film and television. Her dissertation, currently titled “The Small, Slow, Cold War of The Americans,” takes FX’s The Americans (2013-2018) as its primary case study, identifying a broader longing for a pre-digital and pre-networked past. It examines the temporal, spatial, and ideological ways in which the Cold War espionage The Americans depicts is bound up with a desire for a slower pace of life that emphasizes craft, detail, and training. Before joining the PhD program in Film, Lisa received an MA in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley as well as an MA (Research) in Art & Literature from Leiden University in the Netherlands and a BA from Brown University. She also has strong interests in pedagogy and teaching analytic writing.