Alumni Graduate Students

Lida Zeitlin-Wu


Dissertation: “Seeing By Numbers: Color Systems and the Digitization of Perception”

Postdoctoral Research Fellow / DISCO Curriculum Development Fellow, Digital Studies Institute, University of Michigan


Lida Zeitlin-Wu is a scholar of media, race, and visual culture whose work explores the rationalization of sensory experience and selfhood under techno-capitalism. She received her PhD in Film & Media in 2022 and is currently a DISCO Network Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Michigan’s Digital Studies Institute. Her book project, Seeing by Numbers, tells the story of how something as subjective and ephemeral as color came to be seen as standardized. Her writing has been published in Camera Obscura, Just Tech, Frames, and elsewhere, and with Carolyn L. Kane, she is the co-editor of Color Protocols: Technologies of Racial Encoding in Chromatic Media (MIT Press, 2024). Other teaching and research interests include food studies and critiques of the wellness industry, particularly as they intersect with culture, race, and technology.