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Kris Fallon


Dissertation: “Where Truth Lies: Political Documentary Film & Digital Media, 2000-2010” 

Associate Professor, Department of Cinema & Digital Media, University of California, Davis

Kris Fallon


Kris Fallon is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cinema & Digital Media at UC Davis where he was also a Visiting Assistant Professor for the Mellon Research Initiative in Digital Cultures. He completed his PhD in Film and Media with a Designated Emphasis in New Media in 2013.

Fallon’s work analyzes the documentary impulse across a range of sites, from film and photography through data visualization and other digital platforms. His first book, Where Truth Lies: Digital Culture and Documentary Media after 9/11 was published on the University of California Press Open Access platform Luminos in 2019. His essays and articles have appeared in journals such as Screen and Film Quarterly as well as key anthologies and emergent forums across the field, including Documentary Across Disciplines and Docalogue.

In addition to teaching classes in film and digital media, he is also affiliated with the graduate programs in Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, Critical Theory and Science and Technology Studies.