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Kaitlin Clifton Forcier


Contemporary art, Video art, Digital media, Computational media, Media theory, New media,

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Kaitlin Clifton Forcier is a PhD candidate in the Department of Film and Media at UC Berkeley. Her research addresses looping and iteration in moving image art from the 1960s to the present. The loop, a central concept in computer programming languages, is a pervasive form in moving images from the feedback loop of video art to the ongoing iterations of the animated screensaver, the “infinite scroll” of web browsers, and the looping of contemporary film and video art in the gallery. Her project considers how these loops underpin notions of digital culture as inexhaustible.

She has served as the graduate student representative to the Executive Committee of the Berkeley Center for New Media, co-organizer of the Townsend New Media Working Group, and graduate liaison for the Berkeley Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium, an internationally respected lecture series whose speakers have included Hito Steyerl, Nicholas Negroponte, Vito Acconci and Angela Davis. She has presented her research at numerous international conferences and her research has been supported by grants from the Mellon Foundation, the Berkeley Center for New Media, the Berkeley Center for International Studies, and the UC Berkeley Graduate Division. Prior to her studies at Berkeley she worked in the nonprofit arts sector and for the PBS series Art in the Twenty-First Century.