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Jessica Ruffin


media philosophy, spectatorship, aesthetics, intellectual history, critical theory, ethics, ‘pre-cinema’, early cinema, avant-garde, mysticism, temporality

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Jessica Ruffin is a PhD Candidate in Film & Media, with a designated emphasis in critical theory. She holds an MA in German Literature and Culture from UC Berkeley (2018) as well as an MA in Humanities from University of Chicago (2008). Her interdisciplinary research brings together aesthetic philosophy, media theory, spectatorial theory, and media archaeology towards historically-embedded philosophical inquiry into ethics and aesthetic experiences, with particular focus on the metaphysics of Arthur Schopenhauer and his mystical influencers.

She has published work in Millennium Film Journal, TRANSIT and qui parle. She has presented scholarly work in panels and seminars at SCMS, World Picture, Princeton-Weimar Summer School, Berkeley-Köln Summer School, and the University of Chicago Cinema and Media Graduate Conference. She is former editor of Millennium Film Journal (2008-2013) and qui parle (2018-2019) and currently serves on the board of Aubin Pictures, a nonprofit social justice media company based in New York City.