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Jennifer Malkowski


Dissertation: “‘Dying in Full Detail’: Mortality and Duration in Digital Documentary”

Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, Smith College


Jennifer Malkowski


Jennifer Malkowski completed their Ph.D. in Film & Media at Berkeley in 2011. They are now Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies at Smith College, after previously serving as Assistant Professor of Comparative Media Studies and of Film Studies at Miami University, and as a Mellon postdoctoral fellow in the History and Theory of New Media at Smith College.

Malkowski is the author of Dying in Full Detail: Mortality and Digital Documentary (Duke University Press, 2017) and the co-editor of Gaming Representation: Race, Gender and Sexuality in Video Games (Indiana University Press, 2017) and of the book series Power Play: Games, Politics, Culture from Duke University Press.

Malkowski writes and teaches about digital media (especially video games, GIFs, Internet video, digital cinema, and social media); documentary; death and dying; and race, gender and sexuality in media. They are particularly interested in the links between “old” and new media and the way new technologies reshape—or fail to reshape—social and political power. Their work has also been published in Cinema Journal, Jump Cut, Film Quarterly, and the edited collections Queers in American Popular Culture, Unwatchable, and A Tumblr Book: Platforms and Cultures.