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Isadora Bratton-Benfield

Isadora (Isa) Bratton-Benfield


Isa’s work is situated within the transformation and intersection of labor regimes, aesthetic typologies, and developmentalist discourses that constitute the increasing proliferation of digital media infrastructures. Isa is interested in the territorial struggles and social contestations that drive place-based transformations related to media infrastructure, including their concomitant ecological and social outcomes. Her approach to media infrastructure studies builds upon the legacy of conjunctural analysis developed within cultural studies. Isa has publications that include Strategic visibility: architectures of data colonialism in Las Vegas (Journal of Visual Culture, 2023) and Gender Discrimination in Fashion Supply Chains: What Should Companies Report? (Sourcing Journal, 2023). She has held research and communications positions at Maharam and the Global Labor Institute in New York City. She received her BA in Art from UCLA and MSc in Media, Communication, and Development from the LSE.