NEW! Summer Sessions certificate in Film & Media Industries and Professions

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October 17, 2017

Launching Summer 2018!

The 3-course Summer Sessions certificate in Film & Media Industries and Professions is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in film and media. The curriculum exposes students to industry structures that govern a broad range of media professions, fields, and practices. Individual courses introduce students to the various processes entailed in developing, pitching and producing media content; provide understanding of the roles played by various artists and professionals in the production, distribution, and exhibition of content; provide critical understanding of the key business and legal concepts relevant to intellectual property in our changing media landscape; and provide opportunities to learn about film and media practices from award-winning artists. Note: this certificate is not an official program offered by Undergraduate Education and will not be noted on a student’s transcript, but upon completion of the third required course, the student will receive a certificate from the Department of Film & Media noting completion of the summer program.

To complete the requirements for the certificate in Film & Media Industries and Professions, students need to take a total of three of the four courses listed below. It is possible to complete the certificate in one summer since the four courses will be scheduled in non-overlapping time slots across the various sessions each summer, but the three required courses can also be spread over multiple summers. Please note that these courses cannot be taken during the academic year. 


Find out more about the specific courses being offered to fulfill the certificate program here.