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Summer Certificate Program

Summer Sessions certificate in Film & Media Industries and Professions

The 3-course Summer Sessions certificate in Film & Media Industries and Professions is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in film and media. The curriculum exposes students to industry structures that govern a broad range of media professions, fields, and practices. Individual courses introduce students to the various processes entailed in developing, pitching and producing media content; provide understanding of the roles played by various artists and professionals in the production, distribution, and exhibition of content; provide critical understanding of the key business and legal concepts relevant to intellectual property in our changing media landscape; and provide opportunities to learn about film and media practices from award-winning artists. Note: this certificate is not an official program offered by Undergraduate Education and will not be noted on a student’s transcript, but upon completion of the third required course, the student will receive a certificate from the Department of Film & Media noting completion of the summer program.

Film majors may count EITHER Film 177: Entertainment Law OR Film 179: Understanding Film Sound toward the upper division elective requirements for the major. 


Note: Students are welcome to enroll in individual courses offered as part of the certificate program even if they do not intend to pursue the full certificate. Non-UC Berkeley students are also welcome to enroll in our summer courses.