Courses / Graduate

Spring 2020

  • Japanese Film and Media

    240-004 | CCN: 32105

    Miryam Sas

    4 Units

    Thur. 1pm-4pm, Location: Dwinelle 226

    Screening Thur. 4pm-6pm, Location: Dwinelle 226

    Knowledge of global cinema and media is key for scholars of area studies as well as scholars of comparative cultures and literatures. Understanding of Japanese cinema, meanwhile, has opened to include study of broader media ecologies, including television, digital infrastructures, anime, questions of transnational distribution and others. How can the histories of Japanese cinema be thought anew in the contexts of East Asia and media theory? How can key theoretical insights from within Japanese media worlds be brought to bear in the broader fields of film and media and other fields of study of culture, history, and literture?  We will consider questions of gender, affect, politics in a broad overview of the media landscape in Japan, with special attention to recent interventions in the field. Writings will include works by Nakai, Hanada, Ogawa, Matsumoto, Tezuka, Nakahira, LaMarre, Kano, and others along with emergent scholars in the field, some of whom will join our discussion in person.