Courses / Graduate

Spring 2019

  • Graduate Topics in Film: Inheriting Cultural Disaster

    240-003 | CCN: 26536

    Miryam Sas

    4 Units

    TH 1:00 – 6:00 PM, Dwinelle 226 ///

    What does it mean to be born into the legacy of a cultural disaster that one did not experience oneself, but came to know only through the lives of others? How do major historical upheavals impact the generations that follow? What is a “second generation” survivor?

    This course will focus on theories of violence, ethics, and memorial practices, with particular emphasis on WWII in Europe but with reflections on events from other regions of interest to students and from more recent times. We begin with the stories and cinema “before” (Eastern Europe before WWII), and study theories and modes of testimony by survivors. Most centrally we will delve into works (of cinema, literature, architecture, and visual art) that reflect perspectives—and hauntings—of the generations that follow.