Courses / Graduate

Fall 2015

  • Graduate Topics in Film: Avant-Garde

    240: 004 | CCN: 31873

    Anton Kaes

    Date and Time: M 1-6P, 282 DWINELLE

    4 Units

    This seminar will focus on the emergence of a new visual language in film and photography in the 1920s. We will analyze works and manifestoes of avant-garde movements (Dada, Bauhaus, New Objectivity, Surrealism) and explore the entanglement of modernist aesthetics with political thought and praxis. Writings by Georg Simmel, Walter Benjamin, Theodor W. Adorno, Siegfried Kracauer, Roland Barthes and Jacques Rancière will help us discuss theories and concepts of the historical avant-garde that still resonate in contemporary art. All texts will be in English.