Courses / Graduate

Spring 2019

  • Graduate Topics in Film: 3D – Dimensionality of the Moving Image

    240-001 | CCN: 25442

    Kristen Whissel

    4 Units

    W 11:00 – 4:00 PM, Dwinelle 226 ///

    This course investigates the history and theory of the construction of the dimensionality (through depth, relief, perspective, and emergence effects) of still and moving 3D images across a range of media and formats (painting, the panorama, photography, the stereoscope, 3D film and digital 3D cinema, IMAX 3D, and virtual reality) and genres (avant-garde, documentary, horror, science fiction, animation, the musical, and film noir). Screenings include films by Jean Luc Godard, Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, Ang Lee, and Andre de Toth. Authors include Freud, Panofsky, Bazin, Baudry, Crary, Gunning, Solnit, Griffiths, Elsaesser, Huhtamo, and Mulvey, amongst others.