Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2023

  • Experimental and Alternative Media Art

    135 001 | CCN: 30124

    Rizvana G Bradley

    Location: Dwinelle 142

    Date and Time: M 11:00am - 1:59pm

    4 Units

    This course will explore experimental film and media at the intersection of contemporary art movements and avant-garde performance. We will begin by studying canonical works of the avant-garde, and then shift to examine feminist, Black, queer, and other minoritarian interventions that have often been marginalized in discourses on the avant-garde. This exploration of experimental and avant-garde film and media will also include practitioners who engage with electronic, digital, or new media practices. Key themes may include: the body; non-narrativity; abstraction; surrealism; spectatorship; materiality; race, gender, and the politics of representation; and, ­the relationships between politics and aesthetics more generally.