Courses / Undergraduate

Summer 2017

  • Film Genre: Game of Thrones

    108 - 001 | CCN: 11606

    Instructor: Justin Vaccaro

    Game of Thrones is a worldwide phenomenon. Derived from a series of bestselling novels, it is one of the most popular shows on television, the most pirated show on the web, and a critical darling, courting both... More
  • History of Avant-Garde Film

    129 | CCN: 11610

    Instructor: Eileen Jones

    This course is a survey of the rich history and aesthetics of the international film Avant-Garde from the 1920s to the present. The course explores the development of a range of experimental film forms and practices, situating... More
  • Special Topics in Film Production: Intro to 16mm

    187 | CCN: 15661

    Instructor: Colin Brant & David Borengasser

    This course will cover a variety of 16mm filmmaking techniques, including hand-painted film, cinematography, and digital transfer with an emphasis on the avant-garde. Through readings, hands-on workshops, and individual projects, students will learn about exposure, the photochemical... More
  • Film and Media Cultures

    20 | CCN: 11602

    Instructor: Alex Bush

    What is the role of media in our everyday lives, and how can looking closely at media help us better to understand our culture? This course introduces students to theories and methods in the scholarly study of media... More
  • History of Film: Silent Era

    25A | CCN: 15002

    Instructor: Emily West

    This course walks students through the history of cinema from an examination of the earliest proto-cinematic optical devices to the first experiments with sound film. As students learn the history of these technological, aesthetic, and narrative developments... More
  • Film for Nonmajors

    50 | CCN: 11605

    Instructor: Emily West

    This course offers casual movie-goers and seasoned cinephiles alike an occasion to (re)discover the pleasures of the film medium. Open to students from any department, with any level of experience watching films critically, this course provides an... More
  • The Craft of Writing: Recording the Un-recorded: Folklore, Movie Monstrosities, and Global Community

    R1A - 001 | CCN: 15001

    Instructor: Katherine Guerra

    Humans have been sharing stories and passing down oral and written legends and tales since they began coming together in societies. Legends, folk tales, and monster stories all predate the written word. Our goal is... More