Courses / Graduate

Spring 2022

  • Graduate Film Theory Seminar – Theorizing Film and Media

    200 001 | CCN: 27756

    Instructor: Mary Ann Doane

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: W 10:00am - 12:59pm

    This course offers an advanced introduction to theories of film and other audiovisual media. We will read key works of film and media theory from the early twentieth century through the post-structuralist turn, as well as examining... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film – Cinema of Political Depression

    240 001 | CCN: 32442

    Instructor: Rizvana G Bradley

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: TH 11:00am - 1:59pm

    How might we begin to approach the affective contours of what Lauren Berlant theorized as the “impassivity” of the historical present, in ways that do not immediately circumscribe the terms of inquiry by demanding they lead to... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film – Indigenous Praxis, Indigenous Life

    240 002 | CCN: 32444

    Instructor: Natalia Brizuela

    Location: Dwinelle 226

    Date and Time: W 2:00pm - 4:59pm

    This seminar focuses on the study of contemporary Indigenous thought in the Americas of the last 40 years to re-signify, in a non-western, non-capitalist framework the meaning of what we understand as art practices: film, media, drawing... More