Courses / Graduate

Spring 2016

  • Film Historiography

    201 | CCN: 31831

    Instructor: Anton Kaes

    Date and Time: M 1-4P, 226 DWINELLE

    The seminar’s main goal is to acquaint students with ways to think "historically" about cinema. We explore theories of history, ranging from Hermeneutics to the Frankfurt School and Foucault, and also discuss more recent methodologies, such... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film: The Dimensionality of the (Moving) Image

    240 - 001 | CCN: 31837

    Instructor: Kristen Whissel

    Date and Time: W 12-3P, 226 DWINELLE

    This course investigates the history and theory of the construction of the dimensionality (through depth, relief, perspective, and emergence effects) of the still and moving 3D image across a range of media and formats (painting, the panorama... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film: Film and Visual Culture – Italy 1960-1975

    240 - 002 | CCN: 31843

    Instructor: Noa Steimatsky

    Date and Time: W 2-5P, 6331 DWINELLE

    Conducted in English with readings in English. The seminar will explore the intensely productive, adventurous, at once anxious and delirious period in Italian cinema of the 1960s through the mid-70s. In this era the material and social transformations... More
  • Graduate Topics in Film: Framing Migration

    240 - 003 | CCN: 31849

    Instructor: Deniz Göktürk

    Date and Time: TH 3-7P, 282 DWINELLE

    In light of the EU’s and individual nation-states’s policy of enforcing their borders and differentiate between “real” refugees and economic migrants, this seminar will question approaches to research on transnational mobility and cultural diversity through the lens... More