Welcoming the Fall 2023 Ph.D. Cohort

Photo collage of new Ph.D. candidates Jazlyn Andrews (top), Ziwei Chen (right), Tommy DePaoli (left).

May 8, 2023

Congratulations to our newest cohort of Film & Media Ph.D. students starting this fall! We are delighted to welcome you to our active and vibrant intellectual community at Cal!

Jazlyn Andrews completed her undergraduate degree at Colorado College with a major in Feminist and Gender Studies. She has since done work in retail as well as freelance writing and editing, including for a project called In Audre’s Footsteps: Transnational Kitchen Table Talk, published in 2021. Her interests for graduate school include Black studies, affect theory, and intersectional approaches to the horror genre.

Ziwei Chen completed his BS at Tufts and MA in Cinema and Media Studies at USC. With a background in Computer Science and Media Studies, he is currently interested in exploring the intersection of media and technology studies, particularly the entanglement between media technologies and urbanism in China and elsewhere. His current project is a media archaeology of “total interiorization” in contemporary Chinese urban spaces.

Tommy DePaoli earned a BA in Media Studies from Pomona College in 2013, where he took a particular interest in film history, psychoanalytic film theory, and queer film analysis. Since graduating, Tommy has spent the last ten years working as a digital marketer for film and entertainment. At The Walt Disney Studios, he gained practical knowledge of mass media industries that will inform his main interest in returning to graduate school: ideas of ownership, including the limits and commodification of queer representation in contemporary culture.