Film & Media Faculty Damon Young Releases New Book, “Making Sex Public and Other Cinematic Fantasies”


December 18, 2018

Making Sex Public, and Other Cinematic Fantasies tracks the emergence of new forms of sexuality in French and American cinema from the 1950s to the present, showing how cinema transformed narratives of sexuality and how women and queers were both agents and objects of that transformation.

“Damon R. Young's beautifully written book shows how we might find the visual economy of neoliberalism compressed into the sexual charge of films from the 1950s to the present. This is a gorgeous book of queer theory and film criticism that tracks the wayward travels of sexual difference and neoliberal sexuality through a wide range of visual works. Extravagant and precise, this book is indispensable reading for our times.”— Judith Butler

For more information, and to order the paperback at a 30% discount, please visit this link and enter coupon code E18CINE during checkout.

Prof. Young also recently did an interview about the book in the latest issue of Film Quarterly, found here