“Fiction or Reality: Thinking Fukushima through Art” Moderated by Film & Media Faculty Miryam Sas


April 30, 2019

Join Film & Media faculty Miryam Sas who will be moderater for a seminar presented by the Institue of East Asian Studies. Presented in conjunction with Professir Sas' Film 240 seminar, Graduate Topics in Film: Inheriting Cultural Disaster.


Seminar: Center for Japanese Studies | May 3 | 2:30-4 p.m. | 226 Dwinelle Hall

Speaker: Saeko Kimura, Professor, Tsuda University

Moderator: Miryam Sas, Professor, UC Berkeley

Sponsor: Center for Japanese Studies (CJS)

While we share the sense that fiction and plastic arts reflect a different relationship to reality than that of documentary or journalistic writing, writing on Fukushima often encounters a difficulty in distinguishing between the fictional and the real. How have recent Japanese artists and writers after 3-11 broached and responded to this difficulty in dividing the real from the imaginary? Is such a distinction possible? To consider this question, we will read Tawada Yoko’s The Emissary (which received the National Book Award for translation in 2018) in relation to the required removal of Yanobe Kenji’s controversial sculpture “Sun Child”from Fukushima (in September 2018, just a month and a half after its installation).

Open to audience: All Audiences

Event Contact: cjs-events@berkeley.edu, 510-642-3415