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Still from the experimental film Time Scraps: Film Threads and Sprocket Holes.

Festival of (In)appropriation 2023

Wed, Oct 11, 2023, 7:00 pm

BAMPFA, 2155 Center Street, Berkeley

Introduction by Jaimie Baron

Founded in 2009, the Festival of (In)appropriation is an international showcase for experimental found media, film, and video. Every year, the festival attracts artists working across an astonishing array of moving-image formats while probing the limits of collage, remix, détournement, mash-up, and more. The raw material for these works derives from the abundant new sources of audiovisual media to have surfaced in recent decades, from official state and commercial archives to vernacular collections, home movie repositories, and digital databases of every stripe. By exploiting and refashioning these preexisting materials, the creations generate novel juxtapositions and recombinations, often producing ideas and meanings that were unintended or unimagined by the original makers. These remarkable works, in other words, are “inappropriate” in the profoundest sense of the term.

Curated by Jaimie Baron, Jennifer Proctor, and Adam Sekuler. Sponsored by Filmforum. All works are from the festival, thanks to the artists. 

For tickets, more information and a list of films to be screened see the BAMPFA event listing.