Eisner Prize for Film/Video – Apply today!


February 23, 2017

Deadline: Monday, February 27th, 2017. Submissions must be hand delivered to the Prizes Office, 210 Sproul Hall by 4:00 pm.
Two prizes of $2,000 each or one prize of $4,000 to be awarded.

• Students must be enrolled full-time at least one semester of the academic year in a degree granting program (not including summer session) in which the prize is offered. Filing for a degree does not constitute enrollment. Visiting students are ineligible.
• An entrant may be a student in any department, school or college.
• A previous winner of this contest may not enter the following year.
• At least one entry must have been produced during the period of the entrant’s enrollment as a student on the Berkeley campus.
• A film or video completed in the spring semester, if entered before the end of the semester, is eligible for the following year’s competition.
• All film submissions must be in finished form, ready for public exhibition. Unfinished works or work-in-progress will not be considered.

• In addition to DVD, students can now submit films as a Quicktime file on a flash/thumb drive or via a working URL on either Youtube or Vimeo.
• The applicant must make sure the URL is open and working, and that the thumb drive is both PC and MAC compatible.
• Each entrant may submit 1 to 3 films or videos, but is encouraged to submit only his/her best work because the judges are not obligated to screen more than 30 minutes of each contestant’s work.
• A brief FILM DESCRIPTION (50 words or less) should accompany the entry.
• A statement of the total running time and specifications (e.g., year of completion, color or b & w, sound or silent, original format (16mm, VHS, mini DVD) must accompany each entry.
• Download and complete the UC Berkeley Prizes and Honors Office Form
(http://financialaid.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/docs/prizes/UC_Berkeley_Prizes_Form_2016-17.pdf) and submit it in-person with your entry to 210 Sproul Hall.
• Please refer to the website for additional rules: http://financialaid.berkeley.edu/prizes-and-honors-roselyn-schneider-eisner-prizes-film-and-video

Entries are screened by a Judging Committee. Although every care will be taken, the committee cannot be responsible for damage to videos through mechanical failure. Entrants are advised to retain or submit a duplicate copy of their entry.