Courses / Summer Session

Summer 2022

  • The Craft of Writing – Film Focus – Pinning Down the Real

    R1A 001 | CCN: 15482

    Matteo Cavelier Riccardi

    Location: Dwinelle 233

    Date and Time: M, W, F 3:00pm - 5:29pm

    4 Units

    Realism is a ubiquitous term in both 20th century film and literature. But what does the “real” in realism actually mean, and to what extent can it be traced to a specific filmic practice? This class will focus on a peculiar historical collision between the Italian Neo-Realists and the post-1949 Chinese cultural establishment. To what extent were both groups interested in similar questions surrounding realism, and did those interests ever converge? Films discussed will include important examples of 1930s Chinese “Left-Wing” cinema, Italian Neo-Realism, cine-reportage (cine-inchiesta), 4th Generation Chinese film, and various types of documentary films by Chinese and Italian directors.