Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2022

  • Special Topics in Media Production – Reality-Based Audio

    187 001 | CCN: 29127

    Karel Ernst

    Location: Dwinelle 135

    Date and Time: M, W 3:00pm - 5:59pm

    4 Units

    This studio course provides space for experimentation with working with audio which is rooted in the real, with all the openness, inclusivity, and multiplicity that such a concept entails. Students will make recordings, and edit and mix audio works, mostly without but also with relation to moving image. Projects and discussions will begin with and extend from the process of transduction that occurs at the microphone, considered as emplaced, durational, and entangled in continually shifting sets of relationships. Projects may also engage with archival or found audio. The process of composing or “sound design” entails participating in yet further sets of relationships, as well as in continued ethical and aesthetic considerations. In developing strategies and techniques for recording and working with multitrack audio in the digital audio workstation (DAW), the primary skill to be developed is that of listening.

    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor required. Interested students should fill out an application form:

    The deadline to apply is Tuesday, November 9th. Students considered for enrollment may be contacted by the instructor for a short zoom interview. Students will be notified of enrollment by November 15th.