Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2023

  • Special Topics in Film Genre

    171 002 | CCN: 31091

    4 Units

    This class covers a century of popular genre and media in China across Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. We will study a few popular genres—musical, martial arts, comedy, animation—but also explore the broad horizon of media such as photography, comics, architecture, radio, contemporary digital media, and historical and contemporary screen practices. Students will learn formal analysis skills of film, study critical theories on film and media, and address interdisciplinary concerns on environment, infrastructure, interface, and platform. Together, our class will gain historical and cultural understandings of China across the three geopolitical zones and their dynamic with changing media and political configurations across the globe. Our goal is to think critically and reflectively on film and media, informed with historical and cultural knowledge as well as the vocabulary for aesthetic analysis.