Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2019

  • Senior Seminar: Image-Media and/in Time

    105 | CCN: 31512

    Natalia Brizuela

    4 Units

    Tues. 4:00pm-7:00pm, Dwinelle 210 ///

    This seminar will study the temporalities that different image media technologies have both articulated and been configured through. Is there a specific temporality to analog photographic images? How is that (or not) a different temporality than the temporality of a digital image, or of video images? Are these temporalities medium specific or is the temporality of an image-media also constituted through the larger historical, territorial and social ecology where the image is made? That is, is there a universal temporality to all photographic images? Or is there, for example, a temporality to a film image made by an indigenous Amazonian collective that is different from the temporality of a film image made by an urban filmmaker from Bogotá, Lima or Rio de Janeiro (urban centers in some of the countries that share the Amazonian territories)? Do gender and race organize different temporalities? Paying particular attention to photography, film, video and digital images, this seminar will explore the evolving relationship of image-media temporalities to colonialism, imperialism and capitalism, as well as to the development of time-based arts and durational aesthetics in the twentieth century.