Courses / Undergraduate

Summer 2020

  • “Post” as Practice

    Film 187 | CCN: 15271

    4 Units

    Session D


    Lecture: T,W,Th   10am-3pm                  Location: Online – Synchronous Instruction


    This remotely taught course presents digital approaches to combining disparate time-based media and introduces features from the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite ranging from intermediate to advanced. Students will be challenged to engage in a making process that takes ownership of media by way of manipulating, re-mixing, collaging, “culture jamming”, and/or “tweaking” it. While this course has a strong emphasis on building practical post-production skills, technique will be accompanied by historical context as well as regular discussions and critique. Coursework includes required viewing and reading assignments, weekly creative assignments and will culminate with each student developing and presenting a final project of their own design. 



    Students are expected to provide their own hard drive space, internet connection, and a computer capable of running Adobe Premiere Pro. Please contact the instructor if you do not have access to these resources or if you have other questions. There is no DML fee associated with the course, as this course (like all 2020 UCB summer courses), will be taught via live remote instruction.