Summer 2024

  • Pitch to Production

    176 001 | CCN: 13620

    J. Mira Kopell

    Location: Dwinelle 142

    Date and Time: TU, W, TH, 9am - 12pm

    4 Units

    Students are introduced to the basic concepts, terms and principles of producing so that they can effectively and efficiently develop their own projects. Unit topics include development, project proposals, budgeting/funding strategies, pitch decks, elements of the production cycle, distribution/festivals.

    There is, of course, no one path towards the development and production of creative material. The process depends on the specific project, as well as the filmmakers’ goals, experiences and resources. As a result, this class will focus on a variety of case studies to explore a range of projects and cover the diverse strategies used to produce them. Over the session guest speakers hold a Q&A with the instructor and students in order to share their expertise and experience.

    Students develop one project (narrative, documentary or hybrid) and will, over the semester, build a plan to produce it. The session ends with each student presenting a pitch deck to the class.