Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2017

  • National Cinema: Anime

    160 - 002 | CCN: 15184

    Miryam Sas, Daniel O'Neill

    4 Units

    How does anime create meaning? How has it become a key mode of expression in many cultures today? How does it reveal changes in culture and create new forms for processing powerful feelings? How does the anime industry work, and what does it show about global change? How does watching anime transform our understanding of our life experiences?

    This course is a lecture and discussion course focusing on delving into a deeper into Japanese animation, or anime, as a medium from its earliest forms to contemporary works. We will think through issues of digital culture, seriality, East Asian transnational circulations, and the relation between anime, manga (comics), gaming and cinema; limited and full animation; cultural disaster and the post-war; bodies and sexuality, and queer/yaoi (BL) and otaku culture, as well as anime’s place within contemporary media theory. We will view works by Miyazaki Hayao, Kon Satoshi, Anno Hideaki, Oshii Mamoru, and many others.