New Curriculum General Course Descriptions

  • MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES (new course)


    This course focuses on the history, theory, and experience of old and new media technologies, examining the emergence and implementation of media technologies, the discourses surrounding them, their use by media institutions and/or artists, and the forms, styles, aesthetics, modes of address, and experiences they afford. It also analyzes the histories of media technologies, their theorization by practitioners and scholars, and the various methodologies that have been used to understand their development, use, standardization, modification, and/or obsolescence. The various courses taught under this number provide students with the opportunity to learn about a broad range of media technologies, including those associated with photography, film, television, radio, digital media (video games, VR, AR, computer generated images, social media, digital visual effects, etc.), and audio technologies, amongst others. Courses taught under the Media Technologies may focus on a single technology (such as WideScreen) or may offer comparative treatments of different technologies (such as analog and digital photography or film).