Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2022

  • Media Technologies – Cinema After Digitization

    155 001 | CCN: 29118

    Jacob R Gaboury

    Location: Dwinelle 142

    Date and Time: TU, TH 3:30pm - 4:59pm

    4 Units

    This course will examine the influence of digital technology on contemporary film and visual media. Drawing on cinema studies, art history, architecture, and media studies we will historicize the radical shift brought about by digital technology while engaging in debates over our post-digital, post-internet, post-cinematic media culture. Rather than presume the “newness” of digital media, we will take seriously the claim that digital technology marks a radical break with earlier media forms, and that this transformation has had a profound influence on the way we view and understand the world around us. Ultimately we will ask what comes after digitization as a moment or period in the history of the cinema, and whether the cinema still exists as a distinct technical medium or aesthetic practice.