Summer 2021

  • Introduction to Digital Video Production

    25 001 - LEC 001 | CCN: 15403

    Michael K Wilson

    4 Units

    Session A (May 24 2021 – Jul 02 2021)

    Tu, W
    4:00 pm – 6:59 pm
    The objective of this class is to provide a basic technical foundation for digital video film production while emphasizing the techniques and languages of creative moving image media from traditional story genres to more contemporary experimental forms. Training will move from pre-production-scripting and storyboarding, through production, including image capture, lighting and sound recording, to post-production with non-linear digital editing programs such as Final Cut Pro and editing strategies and aesthetics. The course will consist of lectures/screenings, discussion/critique, visiting artists, and production workshops in which students produce a series of exercises and a final project.