Courses / Undergraduate

Fall 2023

  • Intermediate Moving Image Production

    185 001 | CCN: 23248

    J Mira Kopell

    Location: Dwinelle 135

    Date and Time: TU, TH 1:00pm - 3:59pm

    4 Units

    This intermediate film production course explores the process of making narrative shorts. Students will write, pre-visualize, direct and edit three short films and act as cinematographer and assistant director for three of their classmates’ projects. Scripts and cuts are presented in a workshop setting.

    Lecture topics include how to write an engaging short script, pre-visualization, directing actors, shot choice/composition, continuity and coverage, sound design, lighting, editing aesthetics. Narrative shorts from around the world are screened to facilitate discussion of strategies for making an effective short film. A link to your film work required.

    Prerequisites: Film 85 or production experience. Consent of instructor required. The class is open to juniors and seniors. Preference is given to Film & Media majors.

    Interested students should fill out an application form at by Friday July 21. Students considered for enrollment may be contacted by the instructor for a short zoom interview. Applicants will be notified of enrollment by Friday August 4.

    Note — it is not necessary to place yourself on the waitlist for this course. Instead, due to the limited space in the class, enroll in a back up course. Thank you!