Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2017

  • Film Genre: History of Animation

    108 - 003 | CCN: 32947

    Russell Merritt

    4 Units

    We will study the major currents in international animation from the silent pioneering work of Emile Cohl, Winsor McCay, and Otto Messmer through animé, independent avant-garde work, and major currents in international 3D animation. The course revisits the best-known animation studios — Disney, the Fleischer Brothers, Warners, George Pal, and UPA — as the producers who helped redefine and Americanize narrative fantasy. We also examine Canadian, European, Eastern European, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese studios for the experimental alternatives to the American juggernaut, and study how new forms of animation – including digital — respond to both political and artistic demands of avant garde movements. Along with the films, we trace the shifts and changes of animation theory as it illustrates and challenges animation practice.
    Required readings:

    A course reader
    C[arlo] Collodi, The Adventures of Pinocchio
    Donald Crafton, Before Mickey