Summer 2021

  • Film and Media Theory

    20 | CCN: 14096

    Lida Zeitlin-Wu

    4 Units

    Session D (July 06 2021 – Aug 13 2021)

    M, W, F
    10:00 am – 12:29 pm
    This course is intended to introduce undergraduates to the study of a range of media, including photography, film, television, video, and print and digital media. The course will focus on questions of medium “specificity” or the key technological/material, formal and aesthetic features of different media and modes of address and representation that define them. Also considered is the relationship of individual media to time and space, how individual media construct their audiences or spectators, and the kinds of looking or viewing they enable or encourage. The course will discuss the ideological effects of various media, particularly around questions of racial and sexual difference, national identity, capitalism, and power.