Courses / Undergraduate

Spring 2014

  • Field Study at the Pacific Film Archive

    197A | CCN: 31774

    Nancy Goldman

    4 Units

    Mandatory group meetings on Tuesdays at the PFA Library. Students must schedule three hours of fieldwork per week in addition to the group meetings.

    Prerequisites: Declared film majors with at least 60 semester units completed.

    Interning at the Pacific Film Archive Library and Film Study Center. Interns will learn about research strategies and film reference resources by attending lectures, writing a subject bibliography, and working in the PFA Library. Interns will get a thorough orientation to the PFA Library through introductory lectures and training sessions. Then, for 3 hours per week throughout the semester, they will help organize materials for inclusion in the PFA Library’s clippings files. Interns will gain experience in library organization and film bibliography, as well as a broad knowledge of the kinds of film reviews and criticism found in a variety of sources. For more information, please call Nancy Goldman at 642-0366.